ESS Post-Doc Positions announced

Two post-doc positions have been opened at TU Delft, financed by OYSTER, to perform the tasks described by  the ESS Workpackages. The work, which will  lead to a final report to the ESS, will conducted within the NPM2 section in close collaboration and information exchange with the ESS team in Lund. The announcement  has been posted at Academic Transfer and the neutron scattering mailing list.

Neutron for Energy workshop: a great succes.

The Neutrons for Energy, ESS Science Symposium in September 2012 in Delft was a great success! Co-organized by the European Spallation Source and the TU Delft.

Workpackages: the latest edition

The Dutch Wokrpackages were accepted by the ESS SAC (Scienctific Advisory Committee). The final text can be found here.

In preparation of the IKON-2 Meeting in Malmö: Updated Work-Packages

The Dutch Work-Packages for the design update of the ESS will be presented at the next in Kind Contribution Meeting IKON-2 in Malmö February 9 and 10. The updated description of these Work-Packages can be found here

the latest ESS-Science Workshop : Neutrons for Food

This was a very interesting ESS Science workshop, sponsored by the ESS and co-organized by Erik van den Linden (Wageningen University) and Wim Bouwman (TU Delft) and sponsored by the ESS, Lund. For more information visit the webpages of the workshop:

Meeting with LLB on in-kind contributions to the ESS

Today starts a 2-day meeting with a group of scientists from the LLB in Saclay, France, to investigate the possibilities to coorporate on the in-kind contribution to the ESS. We have already submitted a work-package on the Dutch in-kind contribution to the European Spallation Source and a collaboration with the LLB would be benefitial for both laboratories. 

Agenda of the meeting

Thursday 19.1. 


10:00-10:30 : Ken Andersen (ESS) : Neutron Instrumentation projects at the ESS  and the policy of in-kind contributions.

10:30-10:50 : Markus Strobl (ESS) : Polarized Neutrons and Larmor Labeling Applications at the ESS: Design Update Phase and Beyond

10:50-11:10 : Richard Hall-Wilton (ESS): Detector development at the ESS 

11:10-11:30 : Coffee Break 

High resolution SANS – Imaging 

11:30-11:50 : Frederic Ott (LLB ) : Imaging and polarized neutrons

11:50-12:10 : C. Pappas (TUD) : Imaging and polarized neutrons

12:10-12:30 : Josef Uher (ASI) : New high resolution detectors for neutrons  

12:30-14:00 : Buffet Lunch 

polarized SANS/Add-Ons, N(R)SE and Larmor Diffraction

14:00-14:20 : G Chaboussant (LLB ): Polarized SANS

14:20-14:50 : J. Plomp (TUD) :SESANS – MISANS

14:50-15:10 : A. Goukassov (LLB ) Polarised neutron Diffraction

15:10-15:30 : S. Klimko (LLB ) : Larmor Labeling at high Angles (including Larmor diffraction)

15:30-16:00 : Coffee Break

16:00-16:20 : A.v. Well (TUD) : Larmor Labeling at high Angles  (including Larmor diffraction)

16:20-16:40 : P. Bourges (LLB ) : hard condensed matter requirements

16:40-17:00 : N. van Dijk (TUD) : engineering materials

17:00-17:30 : L. van Eijck (TUD) : soft condensed matter

19:30 Dinner at the restaurant "de Kurk" in Delft

Friday 20.1. 

  9:30-10:30 : tour of the experimental facilities of RID including the positrons

10:45-11:05 : S. Longeville (LLB ) : N(R)SE

11:05-11:25 : W. Bouwman (TUD) : SESANS and SANS

11:15-13:00 : round table on the possibilities of collaborations and common projects

13:00-14:30: Buffet Lunch and discussions

(Train at 15h24)