New Publication from the Work on the ESS Workpackages

The work with the title “Feasibility and applications of the spin-echo modulation option for a small angle neutron scattering instrument at the European Spallation Source” appeared on the Journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A.

Palstra Committee Report on Radiation Sources

Dutch_report_on_Radiation Sources

second ESS update in the national Physics magazine


The ESS on the front page of the Dutch Physics magazine!

Report from the SANS workpackage

The Dutch workpackage on small angle neutron scattering (SANS) delivered its first report, with preliminary estimates on requirements and limitations for including Larmor labeling components in an ESS SANS instrument in order extend its sensitive range. The report is posted under the link below.


SKADI paper submitted to NIM-A

A paper on SKADI, a proposed small angle neutron scattering (SANS) instrument at the ESS, is submitted to the leading instrumentation journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A. The article, basically an adaptation of the SKADI proposal, also covers the Dutch in-kind contribution of Larmor labeling techniques to extend the working range of the instrument by orders of magnitude.

The paper is simultaneously posted on the ArXiv preprint server: arXiv:1403.2534 [physics.ins-det]


10 EoIs: great Success of the Industry Day !


By a sunny day, more than 80 enthusiastic and pro-active participants from Dutch industry participated to the  Industry day in Delft March 12. The inspirational talks were followed by vivid discussions  on the Dutch participation to the ESS and  the opportunities opened up for the industrial partners. The success of the day is reflected by the 10 Expressions of Interest (EoI) submitted by Dutch companies to the ESS. The list of participants can be downloaded here.


Bert Wolterbeek, director Reactor Institute Delft

Introduction by the chairman of the ESS Partnerday
Toon Verhoeven, Dutch Industrial Liaison Officer for the ESS

The importance of large-scaled infrastructures for the Netherlands
Jeannette Ridder, Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science

The European Spallation Source and The Netherlands
Nico Kos, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

ESS overview
James Yeck, Chief Executive & Director General, ESS

Science at ESS / Instruments and Future Users – how the Netherlands can be involved
Dimitri Argyriou, Science Director, ESS

The Dutch in-kind contribution: present state and perspectives
Katia Pappas,  Delft University of Technology

The Machine / The Accelerator
Håkan Danared,  Accelerator Division, ESS

The Target Station
John Haines, Target Division, ESS

The In-Kind Contributions and  Procurement and ILO Network
Allen Weeks,  Project Support and Administration, ESS

Presentations by Dutch Companies

Ronald Dekker; Demaco
Cock Heemskerk; HIT
Hans Priem; VDL-ETG
Victor Pastoor; Grontmij
Hans Poolman; Amsterdam Scientific Instruments
Erwin Lenten; Imtech
Sander Kossen; Het Huygens Huys

Summary and Closing Remarks
Rob Klöpping, Industrial Liaison Officers Network coordinator, NWO

March 12: Dutch ESS industry day

The first Dutch ESS Industry Day will be organised March 12 at Delft by the BIG SCIENCE ILO network. More information can be found at the Menu “Industry@ESS” above and at The program of the day can be found here.



Registration for IKON 6 is now open

The  6th meeting of the ESS neutron scattering systems collaboration, IKON6, will be held February 26-27 in Lund, Sweden.
More information and registration details can be found at:

IKON 5 : 16 Novel Neutron Instruments Were Proposed

IKON5, the fifth meeting of the instruments in-kind collaboration, was organised 25-26 September 2013. It drew 130 participants from 9 countries, to present their proposals and discuss the other instrument concepts under development. The first day of the meeting was devoted to a neutron technologies fair, where participants had the opportunity to discuss their instrument concepts with the ESS technology groups. The development of novel neutron technologies for ESS is pivotal for the realisation of the next-generation instruments.

The second day held a full program, with presentations of this year’s instrument proposals. Laboratories involved in the different proposals include Copenhagen University, PSI, Aarhus University, EPFL, DTU, FZJ, LLB, TUM, HZG, Rez, INFN Perugia, CNR ISC Florence the TU Delft and ESS. The formal, written proposals are due by the end of October 2013 .


ESS PostDoc positions: recruited and at work.

From a substantial list of participants from all-over the world we have selected two excellent scientists to work on the Dutch contribution to the ESS. One of the two scientists just started this month and the other one will start within a month time. There’s lots of work for them to do!